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Sebastian Michaelis or Grell Sutcliff | Asked by portgasdaxce


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My favourite shits being shits to each other in 
Pink Kitten's: Dog Eat Dog

(Quick description of whats happening)
The setting is in the Weston Arc, when they start getting into it and knowing that someone else is listening in, Ciel says Sebastian’s name (Professor Michaelis) out loud. For payback, Sebastian also mentions Ciel’s name out loud (Phantomhive) and they are both annoyed at each other for it. I don’t even know if that makes sense but yeah… 

First panel:

Sebastian: Are you trying to be annoying?
(sfx: Lots of angry whispering and shushing, Ciel sticks his tongue out)

Second panel:

Ciel: Hey! Don’t say my name out loud, stupid!
(sfx: Sebastian: it’s payback. sticks out tongue)

I can't take it anymore. I'm going to go crazy!

viα mahiru914: Sebastian Michaelis/ photo*Mahiru

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